Infant Baptism Essay

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Innocent Until Proven Sinful Water cleanses. It is used to clean off a day’s work, the sweat from a brow, and dirt on shoes. In Christianity, water’s cleansing power can wash away a life of sin and create sons and daughters of Christ. This is referred to as baptism. One of the most popular yet controversial forms of baptism is infant baptism. Infant baptism is where an infant or young child’s parents make the decision for the child to live a life through Jesus Christ by baptizing them at their young age. Infant baptism should not be used for salvation purposes, because the spiritual relationship between Christ and infant has yet to be developed. Infants grace the world with innocence. Humans are born of sinful nature, not with sin which a baby could not repent of if not baptized. Many parents baptize their infants because they fear that without this act of salvation, their children would not be let into the kingdom of heaven if they were to …show more content…
A decision to enter the community of Christ, the community bought with Jesus’ blood and given life by his Holy Spirit. Baptism is described in the book of Peter as a declaration to live a life glorifying God, “A pledge made to God from a good conscience” (Holy Bible New International Version, Peter 3.21). A decision to live a life through Christ is one that only the believer can make, not their guardians. In Max Lucado’s article, “Baptism: The Demonstration of Devotion” he explains how baptism is a proclamation of a believer’s devotion to Christ, “Once a person admits his sin and turns to Christ for salvation, some step must be taken to proclaim to heaven and earth that he is a follower of Christ. Baptism is that step. Baptism is the initial and immediate step of obedience by one who has declared his faith to others” (Lucado, “Baptism: The Demonstration of Devotion”). Infants have not yet developed the reason to make decisions, therefore; cannot decide to devote their lives to

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