Inequality Between Women And Men Essay

752 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
The writer does her research by carrying out thorough investigations on the causes of inequality between women and men. The main contents she seeks to elaborate are; causes of inequality, different forms of inequality, inequalities across different societies, the agents of gender inequality, institutions and practices that promote gender inequality, and its effects on the society. The author did a good research that is well evidenced and supported by other scholars who did similar studies. Her research on the matter also illustrates primary data to analyze how gender disparity is expressed in the economic world. The writer validates this study through a research before coming to a conclusion. The points are well presented and the author’s ideas complement her conclusion as well. The author extensively covers this topic and the analysis proves that there is existence of gender inequality and ideal forms of inequality regarding the difference in the level of education, and the ideologies that people hold in regards to social norms of a particular gender which has an effect on the level of supervisory responsibility. On June 13, 1983, Veronica Geng wrote an article called Petticoat Power, issued on The New Yorker. She talks jokingly about how women can become such a success in the business world and how males in the business act towards them. In today’s society it is clear that women are entitled to whatever they want to do, career wise, and almost have no problem with…

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