Industrialization: The Positive Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was a global progression of change that marked a great turning point in our history. In the mid-18th century, our world began to advance from a handicraft economy to one that was primarily dominated by the production of new industry and machinery, known as the Industrial Revolution. The origins of the Industrial Revolution began in the mid-1700s by the British Empire and their stimulation for their early modern economy. However, as time went on, the advancement of new industry not only grew in Britain but also spread throughout the world. This growth in industrial development has forever changed our world and the society we live in today.
In the 1700’s, Britain was involved with a great amount of global trade. Sugar from the Caribbean, cotton from India, timber from Canada, and tea from China all are examples of Britain’s worldwide trade system during this time. This arrangement indicates how strong and well-established the British trade and communications were during this era. This network was very beneficial for Britain and served as a great advantage during the Industrial Revolution. In addition, Britain’s culture, as
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All because of the new means of production in the economy, everything in society changed. Although many benefitted from this change, there were also those who unfortunately suffered from it. With the greater and greater demand for goods, the corruption and mistreatment of workers began. Many of these workers, included young children. Lengthy workdays, low pay, and short breaks became the daily routine of the lives of many who worked the factories during this time. This mistreatment outraged the public and consequently was fought for by labor

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