Essay on Industrialization And Its Effects On The Environment

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Industrialization occurs when a country transforms from an agricultural society to a society centered on materialism and manufacturing. While industrialization led to economic growth, a booming population and an interconnected world, it also led to environmental damage. When countries become industrialized, they produce more products, and consume more resources. Ultimately, this leads to resource depletion, which causes deforestation and increased carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Industrialization additionally causes global warming, which leads to natural disasters, due to more extreme weather. While the process of mass production leads to environmental damage, the finished products harm the environment as well. The products created by industrialized countries often have harmful chemicals in them that lead to ozone depletion, which allows harmful UV rays to reach the Earth. Due to the harms of industrialization on the environment, industrialized countries sought solutions. In the process, countries responded to the harms of industrialization by developing greener technology, and investing in renewable energy. Renewable energies such as wind, solar and nuclear are much safer and lack any harmful wastes. Additionally, countries passed regulations and took part in multilateral efforts to suppress climate change and environmental damage. While industrialization led to harms that deter the environment and the global population, industrialized countries now aim to…

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