Industrial Revolution And Fossil Fuels

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Ever since the industrial revolution in the late 18 hundreds, Humans have valued coal and other fossil fuels above any other mined good. Mined fuels help to produce the power that runs all our lives. Electricity for cooling, lighting, heating and entertainment, as well as the fuel that powers cars, trucks and aeroplanes all originate from rich seams in the earth.
Fossil fuels consist of the remains of flora and fauna that, millions of years ago, were subjected to immense heat and pressure. During the industrial revolution, sources such as firewood and charcoal became scarce, and the factories needed an energy source. Using fuels was an appropriate alternative, due to the rich supplies. At the time of the revolution, London went through a phase of smog, bad air and sickness. This was caused by all the pollutants being poured into the air. This era was the first big effect that humans had on the environment, what we now call Global Warming. Global warming is the average increase of Earth's surface temperature due to greenhouse gases that gather in the atmosphere and trap heat from the
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This means that, to retrieve coal for example, a huge area of land must be removed either by explosions or excavation. With this method, valuable land and habitats are being destroyed, and they will never be the same afterwards. The soil quality is degraded, and rich farming land becomes poor, putting farmers at a disadvantage. Habitats are lost, water ways contaminated, air polluted. Another fossil fuel is oil, and it is mined through a drill. Often in the ocean, massive rigs are manufactured to drill and syphon out the fuels. This can result in leaks, which poison the oceans every year. In 2010, the worst oil spill in history killed thousands of marine birds, mammals, fish, crustaceans and plant life. The mining of fossil fuels can and do cause damage to the planet and its eco systems. Global Warming continues due to the fuel burned into the

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