Industrial Agriculture And Food Systems Essays

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For my conversation, I decided to choose a topic that was very relevant to the whole ethos of Thanksgiving and the holiday season at large: industrial agriculture & food systems. In this conversation, I chose one of my close friends to discuss this with, as I had gone to a series of different “Friendsgivings” but not a family one this year due to medical circumstances within my immediate family. This friend of mine is from near where my parents live and has taken some college classes but is not currently pursuing a 2 or 4-year degree. At this Friendsgiving, we had cooked a variety of different foods, one of which was a Butterball turkey, arguably one of the most notable and worst factory farming offenders. I decided to bring this up, and this is what dominated the discussion. However, I also brought up the fact that farmers around the world, including in the U.S., are being pressured by large conglomerates such as Monsanto and Bayer (which just merged, actually) to purchase their GMO seeds rather than using the seeds they have always used, as well as the connection between this and poverty and even suicide in India, for example. My friend and I always tend to discuss and even debate a variety of different topics, so the fact that I brought up the ethics and conditions surrounding the giant turkey we were eating (21 lbs!) and how it even got to be so large was not the most shocking thing I’ve ever brought up. I started by commenting on how large the turkey was and how it…

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