Indonesi The Indonesian Language Essay

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Population Demographics

Indonesia is a series of volcanic islands situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans, with a population of 253 million people it is the largest country in Southeast Asia. Their most prominent religion is Islam, with 87% of its population practicing Muslims they are the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world (Dolven). Indonesia has great strength in international trade because the country has access to main sea lines. This accounts for the wide variety of ethnic groups and over 725 languages spoken in Indonesia. There are many languages used specific to different regions of the country, but the official language is Bahasa Indonesia. (“Language”, para 3).

Bahasa Indonesia became the standardized Indonesian language in the 1930s. English is also broadly used by locals of Indonesia. The use of a standardized national language, and the prevalent use English and Chinese make Indonesia a good prospect for international companies looking to build on foreign soil, it also helps to attract different industries, thus creating more jobs and boosting the future economy. In addition, Bahasa Indonesia helps eliminate the language barrier. Language and language barriers play an important role in the ability to successfully conduct trade; affecting the ways a company chooses processes while working with individuals who speak different languages.
As of November 9, 2016 the population of Indonesia is 253,609,643 consisting of 126,857,388 males and…

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