Essay On Narcissism

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Previous studies found that people in the Western individualistic societies are becoming increasingly narcissistic. (Foster, Campbell, & Twenge, 2003; Twenge & Foster, 2010). Narcissism is a condition when person focuses solely on the quest for personal superiority (Bushman & Baumeister, 2002). Otto Kernberg (as cited in Lowen, 2012, p.6) identifies narcissists as individuals with various combinations of intense ambitiousness, grandiose fantasies and overdependence on external admiration. Few personality traits that are coupled with narcissism includes strong self-focus, feelings of entitlement, crave for attention, and lack of regard for others. In general, narcissists tend to view self as more superior than their peers and focus on what brings …show more content…
A narcissist tends to maintain an extremely positive self-view and grandiosity, an unrealistic sense of superiority while constantly seeking attention and admiration from others. Typically, narcissists made efforts to be noticed, to look good, to surpass their peers and always defend self against perceived threats (Campbell & Foster). When interacting with others, they tend to direct the topics of conversations to themselves while speaking in loud voices with exaggerated gestures (Buss & Chiodo, 1991; Vangeslisti, Knapp & Daly, 1990). Besides that, to ensure that they look better when compared to their peers, narcissists regularly show off their superiority with high status material purchases or brags about their connection with high status individuals (Campbell, 1999; Vohs & Campbell, 2005). At the societal level, narcissism benefits high end material goods since narcissists commonly refer these products as status symbol; while at the interpersonal level, their negative behaviours in putting self as more important than others affects their romantic relationship, as narcissists are typically ignorant to their partners (Campbell &

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