The Role Of An Individualistic Society In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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People are pretty selfish and independent huh? Damn, then there's people that puts others first. Individualistic society is comprised of a group of independent people that prioritize furthering one’s own self-interests. On the other hand, collectivist societies put society’s well-being over an individuals’. In the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell there is a farm taken control by animals and where animals believe they were equal. The two main character’s of “Animal Farm” are two pigs named Snowball and Napoleon whose interactions reveal the conflict between collectivist and individualistic society. The farm was initially led by the pigs, until Napoleon took complete control of it and he abused his power and by treating the animals as slaves. …show more content…
They had a major impact on their society, as they both wanted the opposite of they desired. Napoleon, Stalin, and the other pigs wanted a society to benefit his own needs, which completely destroyed society’s noble concerns. Snowball and Trotsky wanted a communist society with everyone being equal and looking out for each other. Things didn't work out as Napoleon and Stalin opposed their plan. They completely turned the communist society into a dictatorship. Napoleon and the other pigs’ selfish individual needs destroyed the societal concerns of what Snowball was aiming for. Everyone was supposed to be equal and where no one is above one another. Napoleon and the rest of the pigs put themselves above the rest of the animal. Napoleons and the rest of the pigs symbolizes what Stalin and his followers were doing. Stalin’s transformation of the peasant society into industrial and military power completely eliminated Marx and Lenin’s communist practices. Stalin’s way of leading his dictatorship has positive aspects. One of the aspects is he turned a weak and poor society into a military superpower. With a price of his people being killed. Just like how Napoleon’s effect on his community, he had animals confess fake crimes and had them executed. To turn a weak and poor society into a stronger one. Meanwhile, Snowball and Lenin’s way of leadership is positive because everyone will be treated the same. Though it isn't possible in practice, since it left room for many faults such as people wanting to dominate over others or change things to their needs. Consequently, mirroring Snowball and Lenin's downfall. Even though Trotsky and Lenin try to act positively or negatively, doesn't always mean the outcome will be negative or positive. In the long run nothing runs the way people want it to be, also it leads into

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