Individualism In Religion

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When presented the question “What is responsible for the presence of sexual violence within the context of religion?” my initial response did not come easily or clearly. It’s a common misguided belief that sexual violence and religion go hand in hand when thinking about Islam, but when it comes to Christianity and Catholicism more specifically, we don’t associate the two. Although I know about Islam more than the average American I still held that schema that Muslim women are oppressed and abused within Islam due to the context of their religion. Being raised as a Catholic girl and attending private schools my entire life it didn’t occur to me much that the religion I was brought up in supported and still carries a subliminal belief structure …show more content…
It’s a social theory that favors freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control. Growing up in New York City after leaving Albania as a kid my parents always stressed individualism. My mom told me to be my own person and deviate from the crowd. She tried as hard as she could to avoid letting me succumb to social trends and ideas. My mom always told me that if your sense of self is strong then there is no way anyone could make you do anything. In retrospect her warnings were well heeded. My ethnicity and its culture warrants my mother’s warning, growing up Albanian I saw first hand how much women are pushed to the back seat. Most women couldn’t drive, they had four or five kids, usually were married young at about 16 to 18 years old, and the majority had no choice in who they married. My mother grew up in a time where a man would come to the door with his family and almost demand the girls hand in marriage. Although my mother picked my father herself, many of her friends didn’t. Arranged marriages were commonplace in Albania but now it has taken a turn. Girls my age are getting married to men they choose but are only getting married to get out of the house. Fathers will marry off their daughters young in fear that if she doesn’t marry soon she will fall to promiscuity and be regarded as the worthless town

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