Indian Television : A Wave Of Change Essay

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Back in August 2012, Indian Television roared a wave of change. Lazy Sunday brunches were replaced by a family television hour, just like back in Malgudi days. Only that this time, the story was not a fiction. It was real. The reality of India was served hot and fresh at the 11 AM slot. It 's said Aamir Khan intentionally suggested the Sunday morning slot to ensure a family viewing and reaching out to masses across the urban and rural households. So, in the midst of glitzy bahus and sassy vamps, we had the simple, raw story of an Indian- of You and Me.
While the primary language of the show was Hindi, it was simulcast in eight languages such as Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu, and subtitled in English, to ensure maximum reach. It was aired on various channels within along with Star Network also organized special screening for villages across states of Gujarat, UP and Maharashtra where television is not accessible.
Into its third season, Satyamev Jayate has come a long way. The first episode aired the sensitive issue of Female Foeticide. The viewers responded with great empathy and support all across the social media channels, along with an enthralling response from various eminent personalities. Aamir had hit it hard and where it hits the most: the Indian woman 's dignity. The figures released were astonishing- According to 2011 census, the rate at which unborn child is killed, amounts to killing of around 10 Lakh girls a year reducing the sex ratio to…

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