Professional Sports: Ethical Issues In Sports

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In today’s world ethics is one of the common principles which is neglected and taken for granted by the people all over the world in every aspect of life. When we talk about sports India is the largest populated country in the world who has won less Olympic gold medals than the US swimmer, Michael Phelps, who alone has won in a single edition of sports.One of the main reasons for this drawback on Indian sports is because of the ethical issues faced by our nation which leads to the drastic fall of sports in India.
Some of the ethical issues faced by our nation are as follows:-
• Usage of steroids and drugs
Steroids and drugs are used by sportsmen and women to enhance their performance ,muscle building
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There are approximately 40% of people gambling but according to the current survey gambling is increasing rapidly. Gambling in sports include tips,gamepicks,betting etc.One of the recent gambling occurred during the 2013 IPL ,where sreesanth, Indian cricket player was involved in spot fixing. With him Ankeeth Chavan and Ajit Chandila where arrested for spot fixing. Because of gambling the joy and love of the game is crushed. The interests of sportsmen and women as well as spectators lose their interest toward a particular sport. This de-motivates them and brings a black mark on the team as well as the nation.
• Temptation of sports agents
Sports management officials face various ethical challenges. They are most of the time in a dilemma whether to do what is write and do what is wrong, whether to take care of their special needs without hard work or just work hard, how big the issues is ,etc.
The sports in India are at risk due to the political manipulation in our country. For instance the corruption case which is mentioned above (IPL corruption case) where the sports in India was plagued by match fixing scandal. When this case was taken to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court refused to take the case; they stated that this case was outside their purview. There are various other corruptions like referee corruption where the referees take money fix matches, favour teams etc. management corruption,
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Athletes are exploited by not providing their daily allowance and for their other needs
2. Over aged students play claiming a different age.
3. Diversity issues
4. Discrimination and favoritism.
5. Providing extra benefits to some students
6. Unethical conduct by coaches’ referees and heads.
7. Recruiting violations
8. Improper academic certification of student athletes.etc
9. These issues are covered and not revealed in various cases.
10. Personal attention and private practice.
Even though there are various articles about the issues and the down fall of sports India no proper measure is taken to control this rapidly growing disaster. From small schools and universities to the in international levels strict rules and regulations should be enforced to avoid such ethical issues. There should be a separate department to check and control the authenticity of ethical principles followed by various segments. And above all ,we as educated individual and cultured humans should make sure that all the ethics are followed with due respect in all the aspects of life. If we find any ethical issues being violated, we should be bold enough to stand against it instead of blaming the society and the

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