Indian Logos And Mascots Is Not A Black And White Issue Essay

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Respect of Native American Heritage

As with all controversial topics, the debate over the usage of Indian logos and mascots is not a black and white issue, though some may try to argue it as such. Instead, it is difficult to determine a perfect answer to the question: should Indian logos and mascots be used in modern America? My answer to that question is yes and no, depending on three variables. Fundamentally, the choice must be left up to schools and organizations that have the option of Indian logos and mascots. However, Native American heritage should be respected no matter what these institutions determine. Three important considerations must be taken into account when deciding whether or not the use of an Indian logo or mascot is acceptable. These considerations are the extent of offensiveness of the terms, symbols, and images used, the opinion of Native American people on the subject, and the motives and values behind the logo or mascot. There is a substantial difference between the term “Indian” and the term “Savage.” The variation between other terms such as “Redskins,” “Braves,” “Warriors,” and “Chiefs” have to be examined as well. Connotations behind some of the terms may be more offensive than others. The same can be said of symbols such as the mascot in a school game. Questions must be asked, such as: Is one person dressed as a stereotypical Indian? Does the costume ridicule Native Americans or their traditions? Does the mascot behave in a way that…

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