Essay about India 's Influence On India

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At the early days of India, it was very minimal. Most if not all things they did, they started themselves and were straight out original. India’s ways were a lot different from the West, they both saw things in a different perspective, for example; literature, religion, and so on. India also had very different morals, as in non-violence, peace and etc. Meanwhile, the West had very different ideals. They established a very strong trade area; religion was a start as well. With so many different things they have done, they have sent a lot of people or religions and cultures, an awakening, a spark if you may say. Throughout the years in India everything they have originated and worked on sent out a huge influence to different cultures. India had its own mindset, they believed in unity and peace in their culture. According to India: The Empire of the Spirt, India’s history was in fact not heard of or in any ways unknown to many other civilizations. India was a civilization of their own. Thus stating that they were the originators of many different ideas, and these are just some of the examples. Their ideas and also beliefs were somewhat unknown until the 18th century. They influenced a lot of people, but the first to catch on was Europe. The beliefs and spread of every ideal were spread out through the whole world! One of the main beliefs that shaped some cultures up was religion. However, everyone took each other’s ideas and beliefs and did it in a way their own, and shaped it…

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