India 's Air Pollution Threat Danger Essay

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(picture of a street in Dover) When you gaze out your window, your typical view is similar to this, a clear blue sky filled with white clouds. When you step outside, you have the privilege of being able to breath in clean air. However, if you were living in India and looking out of a window, this would be much different. (picture of a street in India) Rather than a blue sky, your view would be of a sky turned gray from the excessive amounts of air pollution. Walking out of a building in India, instead of breathing in fresh, clean air, you would be inhaling air contaminated by the toxins that have infiltrated it. The noise from the hundreds of vehicles on the street that are causing pollution is overwhelming. India’s air pollution is an imminent danger that affects the health of both the people and environment. Some of the major causes of air pollution in India are the vehicles, the use of coal, and the burning of paddy stubble. India has a population of approximately 1.29 billion. New Delhi, one of India’s larger cities, has a population of approximately 25.7 million. In 2010, there was total of 4.7 million road vehicles in New Delhi (The Underlying Causes of Delhi 's Air Pollution Problems). The large number of road vehicles is influenced by a number of factors. Buses are taxed more heavily than cars, making buses more expensive to own and operate, and because of the large number of vehicles occupying the road, it is dangerous to utilize non-polluting modes of…

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