Essay on Independent Learning Is Important For A Successful Life

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Rohn (2006) stated that “ Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”. independent learning is the type of learning where a student is the one in charge of his studies. The learning is determined, organised, decided and completed by the person who learn. Teachers, educators, lecturers can act as facilitators or guides. However the student is encouraged to arrange, organise, plan their own studies and to value their own research. To learn is to acquire knowledge of or skill in by study. Being independent is not being influenced or controlled by someone else. And Education being a key to a successful life, we believe that by addressing the benefits and challenges of independent learning, we will be able to understand the reason why it is important to understand what it is.

Independent learning can help the student to concentrate. When we look at independent learning, we can see that the work will most of the time reflects the student own work. And that he needs to focus on. We will be able to sometimes close ourselves off from distractions such as friends, family and other students. The biggest advantage is that the work that we really need to do, or revise will be done.

Another benefits it is good motives. When we begin learning by ourselves we will set key goals and directions that we want our work to go towards ( Cottrell, 2013). If we take part in a study group, our ideas can not be highlighted the way we want or disappear…

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