Independence Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Peoples For Rights And Freedoms

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On 27 May 1967, 90.77% of Australian voters recorded the largest ever ‘Yes’ vote in a referendum to change the Australian constitution. This referendum finally allowed Aboriginal people to be totalled in the national census in addition to be subject to Commonwealth laws, rather than just state laws. This is known as the source in which will be allayed to determine The reliability to a person studying the background to the struggle if aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples for rights and freedoms in 1965 will be listed in the following text giving facts on source A.

When concerning source A; the origin, motive and audience deliver historians with relevant evidence on struggle of aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people’s rights and freedoms. The source was made in Sydney as stated on the bottom of the political poster, and was made any time between the year 1967, the day in which the Australians voted was the 27th of May 1967 which is the date stated on the source, the source was authorised by Faith Bandler which was an Australian civil rights activist of South Sea Islander and Scottish-Indian heritage. She was a crusader for the rights of Indigenous Australians and South Sea Islanders. ‘YES for aboriginals’ is a primary source which means that; in the study of history as an educational retribution, a primary source is an artefact, a document, a recording, or other source of information that was created at the time under study. The source is a political poster…

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