Increasing Violence Of Youth Violence Essay

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Is the Increase in Youth Violence Due to an Increase in Media Violence?
Clarise E King
Post University On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, both high school seniors, entered their school Columbine High dressed in matching trench coats and armed with two shotguns, one rifle, one semi-automatic weapon and a cache of explosives, with one intention, murder. Reportedly, the duos initial plan was to set off a propane tank which they had converted into a bomb, but when that plan failed the two went on a shooting spree. The pair walked around randomly choosing their victims; they killed over a dozen people and wounded almost two dozen others, before turning the guns on themselves and taking their own lives. In all, there were thirteen homicides; twelve students and one teacher left dead, and the Columbine Massacre became one of the first most gruesome and deadliest schools shootings in United States history. Violence has been around since the beginning of time; however it is becoming a growing problem in today’s society, and with all the recent school shootings and escalating rate of youth homicides America can no longer ignore the extent of this ominous trend. Some might say that the increase in youth violence is due to and easier access to firearms, but many people believe that it is the increased exposure to violence through media outlets such as movies, television and music that has had a definite impact on the violence seen in our youth today.

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