Essay on Increasing Incidence Of Complications For Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 Diabetes in Hispanic Men


Reducing incidence of complications for type 2 diabetes in Hispanic men
Significance of the Study and Thesis Statement
Hispanic men have been known to remain silent when diagnosed with long-term ailments, especially T2DM. This capstone paper mainly aims to examine T2DM among the Hispanic men by reviewing the literature about this problem, issues around type 2 diabetes, provide a theoretical framework and eventually provide recommendations for reducing the prevalence of complications for T2DM in Hispanic men. The other key objective of the study is to evaluate and offer evidence and recommendations on the published literature regarding lifestyle and diet in the reduction and prevention of this condition. The major reason for examining Hispanic men is that they are among the most vulnerable populations to T2DM in the US. Since statistics from the Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group (2002) show that their numbers will more than double by 2025, there is need to prevent and reduce their vulnerabilities. In addition, diabetes mellitus continues to impose a huge burden on health as well as health resources in the US. The burden is disproportionately borne by ethnic minorities including Hispanics, hence targeting Hispanic men would be detrimental in reducing the rates of prevalence and the associated burden they pose on healthcare. Since many risk factors including lifestyle, diet, and lack of exercise of type 2 diabetes…

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