Essay on Increase The Number Of Tickets Received By Students

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We aim to decrease the number of tickets received by students by making the rules and regulations clear. The goal is to improve the quality of the system through innovation, convenience and consensus. Each year a class of students graduates and new students come in. Every student has a different need and different schedule this provides DOTS with less incentive to accommodate the students every year, demotivating them.The rise in student enrollment and growth in overall campus population, paralleled with a limited supply of parking spots has led to an improperly managed transportation system.
We have collected information by interviewing students and faculty, in order to gauge view attitudes and perceptions on DOTS role and performance on the College Park campus. Additionally, we researched parking structures at other large institutions similar to UMD. In order to resolve the parking issues, Prime Consulting interviewed Mr. John Brandt, the head of transportation at Shady Grove. During the interview, questions regarding the shuttle schedule and the location of the shuttle stop were asked. Mr. John Brandt addressed us that the department will be willing to change the schedule according to students opinion. He will need a survey of the schedule prefered by the students for the shuttle. He, then, will speak with the head of transportation at the College Park campus, in order to make changes. Some commuters used to park their car in the parking lot close the academic building…

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