Rise Of Income Inequality Essay

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It is no secret that there has been a significant rise on income inequality in the last decades. A rise that has proven to be a real issue affecting lower and middle class society. Although some people might argue that income inequality is not a bad thing, there have been many studies that show the negative effects that it has in our society. Education, financial status and health are a few of the many areas affected by the growth of inequality in the United Sates. That is why the government should consider a few policy changes such as invest in early childhood education, increasing minimum wage, and raising taxes on the wealthy. As a result, there would be an increase in the number of young adults attending college, providing the working class with economic stability and at last a reduction …show more content…
To solve these social issues that the working class experiences the government should raise taxes on the wealthy. There have been studies showing that low income earners are at higher risk in developing major health problems. As we can see on the information provided by data researchers Marcie Gardner and David Abraham in the article “Inequality and Health”, symptoms of depression and higher mortality rates are more prevalent in unequal societies (Gardner and Abraham). Life expectancy is similarly affected. In “What’s Killing Poor White Women” Monica Potts explains that this is due to the “lack of access to education, medical care, good wages, and healthy food. These factors contribute to the five year drop in life expectancy for uneducated white American women (Potts). That is why raising taxes on the wealthy would aid in providing funds that can be used for creation of social programs. For example, vocational programs that can prepare individuals for the workforce placing them in higher earning jobs that will give them the extra income for their medical

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