Inclusion Of Hiv Self Testing Essay

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The researchers recommend the following to make use with the study:
1. Inclusion of HIV self-testing in the employees ' annual physical examination among health monitoring organizations (HMO 's), government institutions (especially DOH), and non-governmental organizations (NGO 's) as an advocacy.
2. Further promotion of HIV self-testing to people who are unwilling to undergo HIV self-testing and to those who claim that they are HIV free to reinforce their assertion of being HIV free.
3. Encouragement of interns to always wear their personal protective equipment to secure their safety as healthcare providers of the community.
4. For further research and for researchers in the improvement of the campaign and approach of HIV testing in the community. Appendix A- Survey Questionnaire

Good day, we the researchers from FEU-NRMF MICO 2016, are conducting a survey about the “Willingness of Medical Technologist to Undergo Self-testing for Human Immunodeficiency Virus". We would greatly appreciate if you take time in answering our survey.

Participant’s Number: ____________________ Age: _______
Gender: Male Female Civil Status: Single Married Intern – Months of Internship: ______________ Staff - Years of Experience: ________________

Put a check which describes your answer.
1. Have you ever been injured with a used needle or any sharps contaminated with…

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