Essay Inclusion Is Defined By Five Features

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Inclusion is defined by five features, which if applied correctly in the communities of racial minorities would properly include them in political and legal representation. Racial minorities should mobilize themselves through the institutions such as the church, vote for representatives similar to themselves in descriptive form which they can hold accountable, and assess the factors necessary to achieve the highest levels of democratic inclusion.
Inclusion is defined by a “full access to participation, representation in important decision-making processes and institutions, influence in/power over government decisions, adoption of public policies that address group concerns or interests, and socioeconomic parity” (Hero, Wolbrecht, 2005, p. 4). Full access to participation is the first in illustrating the meaning of inclusion. A system of democracy that does not offer all of its citizens the means to participate is one that is not fully democratic. Jan Leighley argues this point further in that “a fundamental indicator of democratic inclusion in a representative democracy is the extension of full electoral rights and privileges to racial and ethnic minorities” (Leighley, 2005, p. 143). Racial minorities can increase the extension of their electoral rights by using the models of substantive, formulistic, and descriptive.
Proper representation in important political decisions being made is the second in defining inclusion because there should not be a faction of a democratic…

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