Inception- Mise-En-Scene Essay

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“Mise-en-scene” The scene that is going to be analyzing in this part is the scene in the second dimension of the dream. In the other word, the scene in the hotel or Arther’s dream. Mise-en-scene will covered many details in the shot for example, setting, lighting, character casts with their performance style, costume and make up, and the props that is using in the shot. This analysis will involve only the part where all of characters are in the same room, before they are going down into the deeper dream. Cobb is disguising as Mr. Charlse, the man as told as “Specialize in Subconscious Security” (Nolan), projected from Fischer’s imagination in order to protect Fischer from the dream terrorist. Cobb makes …show more content…
On in other hand, Cobb always got distracted from his past while in dreams, he will whether sees the projection of his children or in this scene, the curtain that makes him think of the day his wife kill herself. Cobb sees the room’s curtain and connects it to the flowing curtain in the hotel room where Mal jump out of the window to commit a suicide. His eyes show the surprised feeling at first and then becomes confused. He shows his worry through the look on his face, after that, he shakes all the puzzle of and continues his work. In this part, Ariadne, played by Ellen Page, is showing the confusing face. Ariadne is a witty girl, follow things up really fast but at the moment, she lost. She’s sitting on a chair, look up with the curious eyes asking question, by her facial expression, we can obviously see the questioning look. The facial expression of both Cobb and Ariadne can easily be read by the audience because they both show it out clearly. For the additional or unique body language and gesture, there’s not much in this scene as they all are busy preparing the work. Each characters either doing their own job or helping other to fall asleep so there is no extra body language happens.
Moreoever, another element in mise-en-scene is costume and make up. Setting is in the hotel, as they all are looking very

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