In to the Wild Essay

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That is a beautiful spring, McCandless lying on a bed inside “Magic” bus. Meanwhile he watching the blue sky, and the wild heart never jump again. McCandless was an idealistic and intelligent young man who believes that life is best lived alone, in nature. I think he also is a kind of rebel and a crazy man. Also he have no respect for the status quo. In his heart he was a passionate young man. Also his personality are so stubborn that he cannot adapt to modern life. I think he just like Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy who is the literary giants can think about the money, power, do not be anything. McCandless traveled to the poor world. McCandless told people his experience and his dream. In the beginning he let people get close to him at …show more content…
Maybe, I think he had to return to society finally. He’s real goal is not to escape the society or family, but to find the true meaning of happiness. In fact, found the true meaning of happiness finally. In the end of movie, when McCandless dying, I could not help sigh. “Also happiness only real is share”. Thus before his soul fly to heaven, and finally after his tear slid down. Actually, in his deep heart, he see he hug to his parent and his sister. In his journey, he meet Anchorage couple. Husband love wife very much and wife love husband very much. Also let them reminded their son. Mrs. Anchorage use unique perspective of motherhood to tell McCandless back to home. Importantly, when McCandless dying, there maybe is one of the reason that he see his family in his mind. Couple Anchorage he like their own kids. Also Mr. Anchorage cannot pass up the simple beauty and Burning black hole in dark memories. When he work in the granary, I think that is such an interesting story. Wayne did not teach him some skill like other man. However, he did not talking the way like Anchorage couple. Actually, he just give McCandless some advice and some suggestions. Most important person is that old man. He is old navy, and he lose his wife and son in an accident. Also when he saw McCandless, he remember his son. Therefore he trade McCandless like his son. He did not say anything, but use his body language to tell McCandless do not lose his dream, but need

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