In Search Of Home Summary

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In chapter 2 “In Search of Home” the author Wes tells the reader one of Wes's first encounter with the law. In this chapter the other Wes is only 8 years of age when he gets into a dispute with a street kid from the block while playing what should have been football among friends. In this dispute Wes gets punched in the face by the kid he was having the dispute with. Instead of Wes letting it slide, he runs home and gets a knife to "send a message" (what he had learned from his older brother Tony) to the kid that had punched him in the face. Wes goes to harm the kid but was caught by the police first and since he refused to put down the knife down the police took charge. The author Wes describes how the police picks up and slams the other Wes …show more content…
He briefly mentions how he felt like he didn’t fit in because the majority of the students attending there were white. He states how he felt to poor compared to the kids that attended that school. That is the first case in which the author Wes grades begin to slip. Also in chapter 4 “Marking Territory” the author Wes talks about his struggles in school, how teachers began telling his mom he had a learning disability and how he hasn’t been attending school for quite a while developing a habit of missing most of his classes during his school day. Following in chapter 5 “Lost” the author Wes's mom finds out from the school dean that Wes has been put under disciplinary probation for his bad grades and his absences. The other Wes had similar issues with school also at an early age. In chapter 2 “In Search of Home” the other Wes is only entering middle school when he show signs of no interest in going on the phone to his brother Tony. His attitude for school remains the same throughout his course through middle school which led in him failing the 6th grade. In chapter 6 “Hunted” the other Wes does attend high school but that lasted almost nothing. Wes was behind academically from the other students in his grade level and when the girl the other Wes impregnated gave birth he stopped attending high school all together. The other Wes fell among the 62 percentile of students in Baltimore who did not receive their

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