In an Essay Explain What Insights Are Offered Through an Examination of the Concept of 'Identity'. Your Response Should Include a Detailed Analysis of Three Core Poems and at Least One Related Text.

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Bruce Dawe's poem "Drifters" is less of an emotional depiction of a person, rather a far more factual description. It shows to us the moving routine of a family who move house often, the emotional atmosphere and the rough timeframe in between the moves of the family. The first thing outlined in the poem is the routine. What appears to be a neutral observer tells us that "he" tells "her" that it's time to start packing and the kids get excited, and the dog begins to run about. "She" then goes to pick the green tomatoes from the tree, puts the unpacked bottling set on the trailer and then they leave "the blackberry canes with their last shrivelled fruit" behind, all of this being a measure of time, as the tomatoes haven't ripened yet, the bottling set is still packed as they don't unpack things unless they need to use them in order to move more efficiently and lastly the shrivelled berries serve as an accurate measure of time, as they arrived just as the berries were ripe for eating and are
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