Improving Emergency Care At The Emergency Room Essay

1350 Words May 19th, 2016 null Page
Jailene Rodriguez
4th hour
Improving Emergency Care

Do you ever feel that you 're not getting the proper treatment when you take a trip to the emergency room. I feel that way personally at times. My trip to the emergency room happens very often since I have heart disease, and I feel I’m not ever looked at properly. During my time in the emergency room my mother has asked “how come these pains continue to happen yet nobody finds anything” .The nurse in the ER response was “our job is to look for life threatening signs, if they 're not life threatening situations then we can’t help”. Which to me is very strange because I feel a nurse or doctor should be able to tell you what’s wrong or at least what they think is wrong, and I am sure a lot of us feel the same way about that. From my experience and what I’ve read in articles the United States needs to improve emergency health care around the world. United States need to improve health care because they need the proper equipment, doctors need to check patient 's thurley, and there should be services available for those who need extra attention, such as translators. The first issue that needs to be addressed is how doctors aren’t prepared for every situation possible when they should be. An example is not every emergency room is prepared to deal with children. Lack of proper medical equipment used in hospitals is a start to why nurses are failing. Most emergency rooms only have a “one size fits all”, but children come in all…

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