Health Assessment: Risk Assessment In Mental Health

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Risk Assessment in Mental Health
Mental health services can manage risk and safety more effectively by involving service users in planning for safety. However, conventional clinical techniques of risk assessment are obstacles to creating normal and risk-free physical life for admitted and recovering mental health patients (Ratnayake, 2010). It is recommended that mental service givers and patients should work jointly to develop and implement effective risk management plans for mentally ill people to proceed with their normal lives (Morgan, 2013).

In mental health care, professionals should assess patient risk on the wider context engulfing the interactions of the physical, psychological, spiritual and sociological wellbeing of the patient
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Through CRM, Simon will be able to view the recovery process as a deeply individual undertaking. In the process, Simon will see the process transform his feelings, mood, esteem and attitude. Simon will also have a more important role in championing his recovery (Jones, 2012). Through his own skills developed during the recovery process, Simon will have hope of living a fulfilling life despite the limitations associated with mental …show more content…
First, being informal implies that Simon was willingly admitted at the hospital. The rights of Simon as an informal patient are related to observation, right to leave the ward and right to receive quality treatment.

An informal patient, Simon has the right to be professionally observed in a process where the nursing staff must inform him on the nature and extent of observation prior to observation. Also, the purpose of each observation procedure must be explained to Simon. Any changes in the observations must be accompanied by an explanation. These observation standards and procedures are set to ensure patient safety and overall wellbeing (Murray, Buttner & Price, 2012). Finally, Simon has the rights to discuss any invasive observations with the nursing

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