Improving Animal Behavior Studies Through The Use Of Robots And Computer Animation

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Improving Animal Behavior Studies through the use of Robots and Computer Animation
Animals learn by example, whether it is a group of ducklings following their mother’s lead to leap into a pond or a two year old child repeating swear words that a parent spoke during a brief road rage incident. Examples on how to behave in order to survive are learned at every stage of life. These learned examples on how to find food, interact socially and on proper mating behaviors are vital to a species survival. However orphans rescued from the wild and animals that are bred and born in captivity often miss out on these invaluable lessons. Animal behavior specialists, who study the behavioral patterns of animals, have devised many creative ways to bridge the gap between the behavioral patterns of animals born in the wild and those born in captive situations such as zoos and wildlife reserves. This is especially important in conservational efforts. Animals are often bred in captivity and later released into the wild or a wildlife preserve in efforts to reestablish populations that are on the brink of extinction, as is the case of the giant panda. Fortunately, many techniques have been adopted as aids in the teaching of these basic life behaviors. Some of these techniques can be as simple as a person in a costume or the use of puppets when dealing with smaller organisms. Others are more complex and involve technology. Technology based aids in animal behavior studies range from video…

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