Andy Williams: Understanding The Brain Of Violent Criminals

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The video starts out with the story of Andy Williams. Andy Williams, was a young man who had been bullied at school by some "friends". On March 5th 2001, Andy had shot-up San Diego High School, the school that he attended. Andy had came to school that morning with a revolver in his backpack. When Andy got to school, he opened fire, injuring thirteen and killing two. Andy wasn’t the first rampage killer.
The work of trying to understand the mind of a killer, being several decades ago. In 1966, an ex-marine by the name of Charles Whitman, killed his mother and wife. Later he climbed the top of a bell tower at the University of Texas and started opening fire there. The total damage Charles did was sixteen dead, and thirty-three wounded. Before Charles started on this rampage, he left behind a note asking that they perform an autopsy on him. After he was shot down, his brain was analyzed. It showed that he had an abnormality the size of a nickel near his amygdala. This showed that this abnormality, was the cause of his terrible actions. In the years after Whitman 's rampage, one thing was made very clear, and that was that the human brain is not all that simple to understand.
CAT scans and MRIs help researchers look inside the brain of violent criminals, and show what is actually going on in their minds. When comparing the data,
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She founded that rats and humans were a lot alike in many ways. She performed a experiment called "the strange situation". The experiment worked as follows: a baby was left in a room with a few toys, the parent exits and the baby starts to become unsettled. After that, a strange enters and tries to calm the child down, it doesn’t work. Then the parent comes back in, and the parent is able to calm the baby, but that doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes, the mother doesn 't know how to address the child. The child that wasn’t so easy to calm down, would possibly grow up to become

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