Essay on Improving A Health Care System

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Quality improvement has been a major concern affecting hospitals nationwide. Hospital administration strive to make their facility appealing to their consumers which are patients. They follow guidelines given to them by major health agencies in order to stay afloat. Quality improvement is the job of everyone working in the health care industry. It is a continuous process that should always take place for the better outcome of patient care. Nurses play an important role in quality improvement. They are the back bone to health care today. There can be plans made to improve a health care system but if nurses are not involved, the health care system cannot be reshaped for the better.
There are a few quality improvement activities that are in effect at the hospital where I work as a registered nurse. The hospital is starting to be in partnership with patients involving them more in their care. This gives patients a sense of empowerment and better understanding when it comes to their health. Following evidenced- based studies to improve good patient outcomes is another activity that is followed. Nurses and doctors are encouraged to keep current with studies by having to attend in-services. In- services allow nursing educators and outside health agencies to demonstrate how recent studies compare to those of the past. It is important to keep up-to-date because new evidenced- based practices helps to shorten the hospital stay of patients and allows for a faster recovery time…

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