Improve own performance Essay

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Improve own performance in a business environment.
1.1 - The purpose and benefits of continuously improving performance at work is important to enhance your career, moving up the organization that you are working in or getting a new job with the new founded skills. Also means that you have great pride in your work and before more efficient. Once you have improved in one thing there will always be something else you can improve on. Having monthly or yearly reviews in your workspace allows you to note down what you are good at and what you need to work on, allowing you to set goals for you to work at.

1.2 - The purpose and benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback from others is important to improve oneself in your work. When you
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This will not only improve your work life but will always show through your work. You will become independent but also know to ask for help or feedback on your work.

1.4 - Possible progression routes for your career would be either moving up in your career for example into management. Or it could be moving to another department you in your work space. This means that you will have to meet new people, use new skills and progress as you would when doing a course. Another progression route would be to change your career completely. You may be doing a job you like but there may always be something you would love to do. Searching on behalf of this dream, you can find courses to do, research how to do it, become an independent company. This will further your career and be useful for future job roles.

1.5 - Possible development opportunities are increasing the skills to do the job at hand or a future job that you are trying to get. Some of the ways to do this are shadowing a colleague, reading articles and journals. Taking notes on new things will help with this. Experience with a new skill, such as meeting new clients. This type of skill you can do at home in front of a mirror or just ask someone to help and let them be the client. The possibilities are endless but being prepared will always be the first thing to remember when you want to

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