Important Themes In Isabel Allende's The Book Thief

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There are many terrifyingly horrid topics that have been presented with the introduction to World War II that give insight into the basic German civilian’s life. Isabel Allende states “Write what should not be forgotten,” which ties in perfectly with The Book Thief in that the audience gets to participate in Markus Zusak’s work on the fictional life of the German girl, Liesel, and her newfound poor family as society evolves around them. Through this family's struggles the audience witnesses how the power of words can be able to shape a whole nation’s perspective. This in turn can both lead to discrimination and even to some citizens becoming impoverished. Remembering how poverty, discrimination, and the power of words affect a society is essential to preventing these atrocities from occuring again.
The introduction of the power of words had a major impact throughout the
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The three main ideas that should not be forgotten are the idea of the power of words, discrimination, and poverty. Markus Zusak makes it clear that these three pieces should not be omitted as history progresses forward and sheds light onto why he wrote this book in the first place. Zusak wants to make sure that the audience is fully aware that each of these negatively affect society and leads to a more problematic one. Words are a powerful tool that can be used to for personal gain if it is allowed to get that far. Discrimination leads to a society that becomes for split on its opinions leading to internal conflict amongst itself. Poverty leads to a society that may be unhappy with its living conditions also leading to a society that wants reform, which is not good either as it leads to internal conflict as well. It is important to recognize that the past is essential to the future, and that is why Markus Zusak wrote The Book

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