Essay about Important Components Of The Digestive System

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The digestive system is a vital part of an animal’s anatomy, providing the animal with the energy required to carry out essential life processes. The digestive system importance in all animals, a detailed description of the rabbits’ digestive system, and the benefits/disadvantages that come with the system, and how it impacts on the lifestyle will be explored in this essay.
Digestion is important to animals as it allows the food molecules to be broken down into smaller pieces, releasing the energy found in the bonds of the food. This energy is essential to maintain metabolism and to carry out the essential life processes. There are many important components of the digestive system. The first is the mouth, this is where mechanical digestion occurs, this is the physical breakdown of large food molecules into smaller food particles in a paste with saliva. The stomach is also important, as it is where the paste goes once swallowed and is where chemical digestion occurs. Chemical digestion uses enzymes to speed up the digestion rate of the food particles. The gut is also very important as it is where the digested molecules are absorbed into the blood system and transported around the body to where they are needed. Each animal has a different makeup of the way the stomach and other organs function that are beneficial in getting the most out of their diet. I.e. Rabbits eat soft, nutrient-rich faecal pallets to enable it to meet its requirements for vitamins and proteins, whereas…

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