Importance Of Your Personal Brand On Social Media Using Linkedin

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Your personal brand is your professional reputation.
It’s what recruiters find out about you after a quick Google search. It’s what people in your social network say about you. It’s even that questionable 2 a.m. party selfie you shared on Instagram.
Your personal brand is the difference between getting the job or landing the client and being a runner-up.
This activity will help you shape your personal brand on social media utilizing LinkedIn.

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You have the power to shape your brand, but it takes:
1. Vision
2. Effort
3. Time
4. Planning
5. Thoughtfulness
6. Diligence

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1. Vision
But where do you start?
Start where you are.
Take stock of your social media accounts. Decide how you want to be perceived by the world and where
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• Write a compelling, yet clear heading.
Ex: Business Management Student or Accounting Apprentice
• Tailor what you include based on relevance to what you want to do.

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3. Time
Treat your time on LinkedIn like an investment in your career. It will take time to make your brand grow, but be patient.
Be visible and consistent. Once you are comfortable on LinkedIn, you should create posts that showcase your expertise about a given topic. This will increase your exposure with future employers or clients. You can also like or share others’ posts that are meaningful to your profession. Your voice should always have the same point-of-view and practiced style.
Join groups based on your interests. Network with professionals in your area, geographically or professionally, by joining and participating in groups. Engage in conversation with other professionals through comments and discussions.

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4. Planning
Be purposeful in what you share. A good rule of thumb is to treat your interactions on LinkedIn like you are talking directly to your manager’s manager. Before you interact, ask yourself if that would be a wise choice for your
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Are you keeping up with the trends in your industry? A short summary of recent innovation could be an important time-saver to the busy executive.
As you come to know yourself better, share what is distinctive.

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5. Thoughtfulness
Build connections. It takes time to nurture a relationship in person and on LinkedIn. Don’t reach out blindly to strangers. Start by connecting with the people you already know and add new connections slowly.
Meet new connections in person first, like at a conference or in the classroom, and then follow up on LinkedIn with a short connection request. Ex. “I enjoyed talking to you about animation at the Student Interactive Conference. I’d like to add you to my network.”
Be honest, likable, and compelling. No one likes to accept connection requests from strangers who just want to raise their connection numbers. The same goes for connections that are blatant marketing attempts.

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6. Diligence
It is important to monitor LinkedIn regularly. This helps to ensure your prompt replies to messages and notifications. You could also miss group conversations or job postings if you don’t schedule time to regularly

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