Personal Situation Analysis

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always found myself eager for the next lesson. Throughout elementary school I had four different French teachers, which meant that nearly every year we would be forced to start over with a new teacher who didn’t know where we had left off the previous year. In fifth grade, the French teacher was a multilingual woman who inspired my desire to learn multiple languages fluently. Her proficiency inspired me to take Latin in middle school, both to continue to have Mrs. Vitt as a teacher and to use as a gateway to learning the other romance languages. At that time I also memorized the Greek alphabet and learned lines of Homer’s Odyssey in Greek. In high school I was exposed to a variety of cultures. Sophomore CFE allowed me to experience the wonders …show more content…
Some of the values that I hold dear include adaptability, compassion, conflict resolution, long-term thinking, perseverance, integrity, and reliability. I value adaptability because I feel it is essential to be flexible and open to change, because with change brings new opportunities. I try to be compassionate in order to better empathize with others and understand their problems so I can help solve them. Because I disapprove of conflict, I often put myself in the role of mediator in order to resolve issues efficiently, so conflict resolution has become important to me. Thinking ahead is important to me because it is the way I justify the extreme measures to which students are pushed to receive good grades. I feel that as long as I put in the extra effort now, I’ll have a little breathing room once I’m accepted into college. If I don’t view the late night hours with this perspective, then years of effort have been wasted when I could have developed a social life and gone out to sporting events and the mall with friends. Through pursuing perseverance at this time, I am better prepared to fulfill my aims in the future and reach the desired resolution. Actively considering the integrity of a situation will allow me to choose the right path more easily in the future because the indecision and agonizing will have already been accomplished. Being a person of integrity makes me seem more trustworthy, responsible, and worthy of respect. As someone who tries to be reliable, it is easier for others to open up to me and let me share their burdens. While at times I feel pained to have everyone’s problems piled on top of my own, I feel an even greater satisfaction when I have solved a problem for someone or given fruitful advice. Through my adherence to these values I hope to obtain my goals and

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