Importance Of Tower Building

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The tower building activity was a fun and educational activity which helped me learn about how a seemingly normal task has many aspects of business built into it. In my opinion, there are 5 clear links of how this activity relates to business, and they are: money management, cooperation, how to work within a deadline, managing the materials that are given, and how roles play an important part at times, but can be “ignored” at other times. Firstly, money management. In my opinion, this is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. In order to be a successful business, they need to decide which items are a need and want. A company could have millions of dollars, but if they were to waste it all on shiny new desks and chairs. However, if the business were to use their money effectively, then that could lead towards more sales and increase their income. The other way could apply also as well. If a business were to spend all their money on inventory, advertising, etc, and leave their employees working on wooden crates, then they wouldn’t be happy. A business needs to find a balance between their needs and wants to be successful. During our tower building assignment, we had to choose between …show more content…
In a business, material management is an important aspect that employees must have. If a company has a certain amount of plastic, and they need to make a certain amount of plastic cups, and they just have enough to make all the cups without ordering more plastic, then the employees that are making the plastic cups need to plan out how they are going to cut/mold the plastic into cups in the most optimal way. In our activity, we were given a specific amount of popsicle sticks, cue cards, and straws to create the tallest tower we could. We could trade in our supplies for others to obtain more of the supplies that we needed. We needed good material management to ensure that we had enough supplies to make the tower that we wanted to

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