Importance Of The NAACP

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On February 12, 1909, many blacks from across the United States came together to form what is now known as the NAACP in Springfield, Massachusetts. NAACP lasted for 100 years for the fight of equality amongst the black community. The NAACP has shaped america 's society today for the equality rights that was fought for by the black community. The NAACP has helped with equality of education, social and racial discrimination. Since the black community fought for equality they no longer have to suffer from segregation in schools, racial discrimination or social discrimination.
To begin with, equality was a big issue in the south for the black community. The blacks were living there in fear of the whites and terrified for the future of their children. Education was scarce due to lack of black teachers who were not “smart” enough to teach due to their lack of education also from reading, writing and math. Also while the white schools had
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The blacks were poor due to their high paying of taxes and low paying jobs. They could not afford enough money for the betterment of black education and also no one would support the NAACP due to racial discrimination. Blacks could not attend any white school and if they did they were beaten, killed or arrested. NAACP had thankfully ceased the issues over the years and without the fight for equality of education the school systems today no longer revolve around segregation. Schools today are diverse and the education today is high. Any child of any race has the same opportunity as another child and education is equal. Equality also arose in social forms. Blacks

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