Importance Of The German Education System

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I have always been a great admirer of the German education system. I am more familiar with the school system in my home country (Togo) than the one in America.
Togo is a French colony and they follow the same education system as France.
Kindergarten or pre-school registers pupils from age 2 to age 6, and prepare them for entry into primary school. Every pupil must pass through this stage regardless of your age.
Primary or elementary school take students aged 6 to 11. It’s a six years long of studies. This is where pupil learn to write, read and learn a little about general education. To advance to College or middle school which is four years long an entry exam called CEPD (Certificat D’édude du Premier Degré) is conducted at the end of your
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Failure in a French school system means not suitable for higher education therefore you will have to spend another year in the class you fail.
Unlike the German school system, Togo has a very rigorous education system. Students go to school in the morning from 0630 to 1200 and in the afternoon from 1500 to 1700. Parent are rarely involved in their children education because most of the time the parents are not educated themselves since it’s not mandatory to attend school in Togo. Consequently, they work hard to put their kids into school and encourage them to excel. There are a lot of differences between the German and Togo or France school system.
On one hand German school system provides education and training related to the career field of its learners: graduate students are well trained, educated and either ready to continue higher education or enter the workforce. Another advantage is the reduction of financial burden on parent: making elementary education mandatory and a very low- cost or free higher studies helps parent to be debt
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Weak educational foundation: when the work becomes obsolete because of the evolution of technology, individual who went to apprenticeship earlier in their prime time will have difficulties to go back to school especially if they want to go to university and meet the demand of today’s market. Also the German students have limited reality check: going to school only in the morning can have adverse effect on individual, adjusting to the real world working hours could be a problem. School are designed to prepare a person for future endeavor hence simulating real life in the course of studies is crucial.
In the “A German Compares School Systems.” I will agree with the author that it’s remarkable to see American students in public, coffee shop, library etc.…Education in the USA cost money and not every student that has the means to have internet at home hence the use of free hotspot Wi-Fi in various location across the country. I am also in favor of the author underlining that adult learning is without notice in the American universities, the demand of well educated and suitable applicants for a job position has drawn the lines and everybody; young or old has understood the that education is

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