Importance Of The Fear Of Death Survey

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The fear of death survey has made me realize that death can be scary and a change that we need to consider. I discovered three themes in the survey. I labeled them as damaging pain, a leap of faith, and being fearless of the unknown. As I was reviewing my results from the survey I discovered emotions that I had not considered. Young adults never sit down to think about death because, let’s be honest, we think we will live forever.
My first theme I defined as damaging pain. I labeled the first theme, damaging pain because this theme would bring pain to my life. Pain is not just physical discomfort but it is an emotion that can easily consume our lives. Statements C, CC, and UU go together because they both bring forth the pain of emotional
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When I was seven my assumption world was perfect. My idea was everything will live forever. Over time, I had to accept death starting with the death of my first dog. Since that experience my assumption had change which leads me to how I came up with my themes. With the death of my dog, I felt emotional pain which is how I came up with damaging pain.
Damaging pain leads me to explain how I came up with my next theme. Taking a leap of faith is based on my childhood growing up in a Christian church. I have relied on my faith to give me hope to get through hard times. Taking a leap of faith affects how I tame my fears of the unknown. Over all, growing up in a church has help me develop my ideas of
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Now that I know that denial is a positive reinforcement, I can say that I do deny death to a certain point. According to Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, a Buddhist, says “Generally we are so reluctant to think of our death that this knowledge does not touch our hearts, and we live our life as if we were going to be in this world forever.” I can accept that everything we love and value will one day vanished but I cannot accepted the fact that loved one can death. I apply this to my life because I wake up with the attitude to be the best I can be knowing that today could be the last. I do not want to live with the attitude of I could die at any second and hide from life. We have to experience death to understand how to live. I express each of my themes by taking that leap of faith and having hope that my family and myself will live another day. When the day comes that I have to rely on my faith to get through a death will be the day that my assumption world will change. I will have to adapt to new outlook of life. My themes contradict each other in my life because I do not always believe that I have faith. There are days that I doubt and feel weak. I know have anticipatory grief which is why my themes do not agree with each other or even my morals. I know my grandparents will die soon and I have to let them go to a better afterlife. There are days where I feel like my grandparents

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