A Day I Die Essay

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According to Ecology Communications Group, about 55.3 million people die each year in the world (ECG, 2011). There are many factors that can lead people to death such as disease, murder, accident, or aging. Most people live their lives without knowing when they are going to die. Knowing a day of death is both fear and luck, because approaching the day of death makes one frighten, but it allows one to plan one’s life better. If I can know when I am going to die, I want to know it since I can spend more time with people who I like, I can plan my life better, and people who I like will not regret how they did to me.
Firstly, I would like to know when I am going to die since I can spend more time with people who I like before I die. Usually, it is hard for one to live near all the people who one likes. For example, I am in Vietnam, but friends that I met in Shanghai live in Shanghai, and my older sister is in America. Also, all my relatives are in Korea. They are very important people for me, and I want to spend more time with them before I die. I want to spend my time with them by traveling around and sharing even trivial
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People usually endure hardship and control their desire for better future. However, if one die within a month or year, there is no reason for one to work hard for better future. It is more significant for one to enjoy rest of life. Currently, I am studying hard to get into a medical school, and I will study harder in university to be a doctor. I want to live with people that I love while doing what I want. I don’t like study, but I’m doing it for my better future. I will must regret my life if I die without living the future that I dream of. If I know that I will die while studying in university, I will stop whatever I am doing, and I will try to find another thing that I can enjoy. Consequently, I would like to know the day I will die since I can map out my life

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