The Star Spangled Banner: A Poem Analysis

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The American flag was made to unify the states and the stars are a symbol of the unified states. The flag was made to show independence for our newly independent nation. The United States has gone through many battles and our flag was still standing strong supporting our nation and the people fighting for it.
The American flag represents justice, humanity, freedom, courage, integrity, equality and liberty. It is a sign of unity and pride for the people of the United States. The colors stand for the patriotic and spiritual principles of the people. Our country has so much respect for the flag that there is a flag code. A flag code is a codification of rules and customs pertaining to the display and use of the flag for civilians to follow. The
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In 1889 the secretary of the Navy ordered that the song played when the flag was raised for ceremonial events, and in 1931 Woodrow Wilson’s executive order into making The Star Spangled Banner the United States national anthem was turned by Congress. I think that the national anthem is important to the United States of America’s history and progress to become independent, it 's a song that helped tie the nation together. Although it has only been our national anthem for about 60 years, the original poem goes back much further in our history to becoming the nation we are today. Since i’ve grown up hearing this song I subconsciously memorized it without even realizing what the words meant. The original poem was written by Francis Scott Key and it is about when he was held captive on a British warship in 1812, and our national anthem is only half of his poem. The song is still a little confusing to me but from what i understand I think it represents our country as an independent nation very well.
Johnny Cash’s poem “Ragged Old Flag” makes me feel proud of my country. “I don 't like to brag, but we 're kind of proud of that Ragged Old Flag.” The things that make the flag “ragged” is from what we have been through and we shouldn 't have any shame in that. For example, “She turned blood red in World War II”. Our country has been through so much with the support of our flag and we are proud to be the independent nation that we have become and the flag is a symbol for

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