Importance Of Taboo

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Taboo mean something that people cannot do and prohibit to do as it will bring something bad to a human life. In Baba Malay, taboo is also call “pantang-larang”. Some of the taboo and beliefs have always to be remembered in the Baba Nyonya culture. Most of the Baba Nyonya taboos and beliefs are very similar with the Chinese taboo because of their half of Chinese race.
Wedding Taboos and Beliefs
The pregnant women not allowed to attend any wedding, involve in the preparation of wedding or even though touching the wedding item like gift, wedding and etc.
The new born baby and their mother are not allowed to attend any wedding before the “Full Moon” celebration have been celebrated. Even their family members are also not allowed to attend the
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Funeral Taboos and Beliefs
When a person just passed away, their family are encouraged to use a cloth to cover their mirror and other reflecting surfaces. The household God are needed to covered with red paper. They believe the spirit of the death person would take their soul to accompany it go to the underworld through the mirror.
When attending a funeral, the guests are required to wear black and white only because this mean they are in “sorrow occasion”.
Chinese New Year Taboos and Beliefs
The children are encourage to sleep late at the night of Chinese New Year eve. They believe this will make their parents life become more longer.
During the first three days of Chinese New Year, sweeping is prohibit because the good luck of the whole year will be swept away.
On the first day of Chinese New Year, they are not suppose to wash their hair because this mean they would wash away the good luck for the New Year.
People are require to wear red. Red colour is considered as bright happy and lucky. Strongly prohibit to wear black and white in Chinese New Year.
Picture Taking Taboo and
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In Chinese, it is sound like “death”.
Others Taboos and Beliefs
Children are not allowed pointing at the full moon. If pointing the full moon with their finger, they will get a punishment cutting around their ear by the Moon Goddess.
Sitting at the corner of dining table is considered as a taboo. They think the corner is like a sharp knife pointing to the one who sitting in front it.
Cutting finger nails, toe nails or hair at night are also considered as a taboo. This will attract the ghost comes to pick them up and haunt the owner.
The babies who smiled or giggled to the empty air are delight by there guardian angels. They believe every baby has one guardian angels. Beside that, the babies who suddenly cried by no reason, it has be considered the babies are annoy by the ghost.
Children are encourage to finish every grain of rice on the plate, if not they will marriage a husband or wife that have many pimples.
The young boys would be served some chicken soup when they broke their voice (percha suara).
Carefully pick up all the nail and hair that thy have cut, so they would not be used if the witchcraft.
If a person wish to retain a full head of hair, they should never open an umbrella while they are in

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