Why Study Diagrams

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Studying is one of those things that each person does differently. In my past I have found that I work best with diagrams and pictures for studying since I am a very visual learner. I have also used list and steps or rewriting my notes to help me study. In classes like anatomy and microbiology; diagrams, pictures, and videos have always helped me study processes or steps. Science classes happen to be most of my classes since I am a nursing major so I am using diagrams a lot. When I am taking my notes, highlighting key terms is helpful and also writing certain terms or steps in the processes in different colors helps too. In anatomy, I love drawing diagrams and coordinating the colors to go along with the steps because it helps me remember the order and also which step goes with a specific part of the diagram. Reading my notes and making lists have been substantially helpful to learn terms and ideas but it’s usually not my first choice of studying. Turning my notes into flashcards and memorizing them is how I study key terms and information. …show more content…
My front porch or my swing can create a very calming atmosphere when good whether is here. My community is very quiet and private so there isn 't much noise around. Another place I have studied is my community pier. My community is on the water so I can go down there and relax on the bench and study. The outside calms me and helps me focus when I need to. During the winter I study inside, mostly in my room. To me I don 't think it’s as effective since I am usually being asked to help do something, someone is being loud, or their TV is on and I get distracted very easily. The afternoon or evening is when I usually study since that is my free time. I always try to start preparing for a test at least a week in advance, but in reality it never works out the way I intend, so usually a couple days

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