Importance Of Spatial Intelligence

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I scored on two intelligence 's the same and they are the highest. There were the Logic/Math and Spatial. My score on both is 4.86. This score is really high compared to the other intelligence of this test. I honestly do see a connection between these areas and my experiences in elementary school. One of them is how I enjoyed the holidays because I was able to be creative and draw, paint, color, cut, and paste the holiday 's activities, which falls under my Spatial Intelligence. I also recall being able to understand better things if they were in a graph or in pictures. Moreover, in the Logic/Math intelligence I realize that I was a child that wanted to learn new things and I had curiosity of many other things. In my elementary school years I …show more content…
First, the top three are the ones that I used in everyday life. I used Logic/Math to manage my life, which will have an impact on my teaching choices by getting things done on time. In addition, I use Spatial to help me remember things like my weekly schedules, which will have an impact on my teaching career in staying on task. Finally, self to have time for myself. This in turn will make me a better teacher because it will give me a great balance from the huge amount of work that I will have as a teacher to have time for my personal needs. Then it goes from Social, Nature, Language, Musical, and then Body movement. Moreover, I agree that Social and Nature are in the middle because everybody needs to socialize somehow and care for the nature. The last three are my weaknesses. I don 't talk much, I listen and try to connect things together to fully understand them, which again in Logic/Math. I don 't enjoy music like most of the people my age and finally I don 't like any physical movements because I believe I look silly, but like I previously said, I am willing to transform myself for the day to incorporate these weaknesses in my lesson

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