Importance Of Sociology In Everyday Life

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1. What is the study of Sociology and how do we see the "power of society" in our lives through Sociological study according to Macionis?

Sociology could simply be defined by someone as the study of society as a whole and its impact on human relations, but our text defines it slightly more complex as “the systematic study of human society” with society referring to “people who live in a defined territory and share a way of life”. According to Macionis, viewing the power that society has over each of our lives takes practice to see especially in our own lives. We rarely take into consideration all of the factors that affect the decisions we make in life, even when it comes to choosing a college or what age we have children.
The society that
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Chapter 1, (page 9 in edition 15 and my power points as well): "Seeing Sociology in Everyday Life - The Sociological Imagination": What is the Sociological Imagination and how can we use it to understand our place and others place in society …show more content…
Sports can be more than just a past time, a career, and good exercise if thought about from a sociological standpoint and Macionis points that out in our text when he insists that “sports have important latent functions which include building social relationships and creating tens of thousands of jobs across the country. Participating in sports encourages competition and the pursuit of success, both of which are values that are central to our society’s way of life” (Macionis, page 19). Of course, when people interact while playing sports they are bound to create at least one interaction that can be established a friendship, a relationship that is encouraged amongst most teams, and could be considered a part of the sociology of sports. Sports amongst our society seems to play a bigger role than originally thought since it even contributes to the creation of jobs around the country which in turn supports an economic growth within our borders, as well as offers collegiate teams to win the affection of large donors who are essential to the survival of those

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