Importance Of Social Sustainability In Construction

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Social sustainability
Social sustainability in construction is defined by the social equity. There are many parameters which combines for achieving social sustainability in construction. Culture, education and training, employment, justice, infrastructure, health and safety, quality of life are the major parameters of social sustainability. Safe and secure designs analysing the risks are to be made for the betterment of not only the people taking part in the construction process but also for the other surrounding communities. Proper guidance, education and training is to be provided to all the employees of the organization for the more professional approach towards the construction.
Planning the project with strategy in which social, economical and environmental objectives are considered and play a balanced role to attain sustainability can be collectively termed as "Triple Bottom Line (TBL)". It a tool to measure
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Sustainable use of the resource by the present generation will only allow this intergenerational justice between the generations.
• There are ample amount of assumptions made for the biologically productive area and the environment eg.: global warming, carbon emissions, temperature, sea levels etc. the things related to the sustainability. Assumptions can be made with the calculations but we are totally unaware about the future conditions, predicting the values is not wrong but forcing it to believe that cant be possible just on the assumptions. There are many conferences held around the world regarding the sustainability where various parameters of the sustainability are discussed but there will always be the conflicts regarding the assumptions made by different organizations. This is termed as "humility

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