Importance Of Social Media In The Media Essay

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The importance of SoMe

Social media plays an extensive role in our lives. Every person nowadays check into all kinds of media etc. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Social media has a huge influence on eve-rything, but most of all also in the US Elections. You use the social media to take advice, to share ups and downs. Therefore has politicians nowadays found out, which they with the social media can approach out in the most of the population. Therefore has and will social media get and big-ger and bigger influence on the 2016 election and the common once. Social media is costless and the politicians are getting huge distributes by using the social media. Therefore is it a natural evo-lution of how the president candidates can use
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Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton through social media. For an example, he had attacked Hillary Clinton on Facebook for a newly scandal about some emails. The reason why does it is, that he is trying to exhibit Hillary looking weak in public to promote himself. Hillary Clinton used SoMe much of all to market herself and to point out her main statements. For an example, one of her key issues about kids in foster care. Both presidential candidates have used SoMe. The most applied SoMe is Twitter and Facebook in America. By means of SoMe do the candidates also reach out in electors who they never ever pre-viously could get in connection to. There are many reasons why the social media have been using as most as never before. Firstly because it is to get in connection to their population and voters. Secondly, because it had been easier to donate to the president´s campaigns, it has been so easy that you could donate to their campaigns with just one tap . Thirdly because it had been cheaper to marketing themselves instead of too many TV-adds and advertisement. Fourthly, the ad-vantages are that you can avoid using many TV advertising money and reduce the cost of the campaign. You can go directly to the users and make your statements through the SoMe. Fifthly, in general, has SoMe influenced the president election positively, because it is an easier way to communicate and send the right message to the right audience …show more content…
SoMe are being politically risky because of this.
SoMe have been a huge factor for Donald Trump to win the election . The top issues for the voters in the 2016 election was economy, terrorism and foreign policy. That is some of Donald Trump’s key issues and SoMe helped Donald Trump with getting these issues out in public in the best and easiest way he could. It had been easier for Donald Trump to marketing these issues and much cheaper than it would have been before. It could happen, that if Donald Trump did not have SoMe to this election maybe he never have

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