Social Media Influence On Elections Essay

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Public exposure, social influences, and social media are three ways that the internet has impact on the public opinion in presidential elections. There is more information on the internet than there is anywhere else in the world, and can be added and viewed by anyone at any time. Social influences the public opinion and voting behaviors, via celebrities, culture, and emotions this. Social media also has a great influence on the public opinion and voting behaviors, through Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. The internet does have influence on voting behaviors; however it does not have a more positive or negative influence on public opinion during presidential elections. The internet has both a positive and negative influence on public opinion and voting behaviors because voters are exposed to both true and false information on the internet in a timelier manner than any other type of media.
Being able to get information and providing information within minutes, and the ability to find
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Social media has a positive influence on the public by bringing people within the same political parties together and allowing places for them to socialize from around the world. Facebook has many different political party groups that the public can join and learn, discuss, and follow on different issues and candidates during an election as well as meeting other people within their party. While social media bring a lot of positive influence on public opinion it can also bring much negative influence. Although social media is a great place for people to meet others that share their political views, it can also influence people to believe falsified information. Forums are another negative influence on public opinion. Although they are meant to be simple discussions or informative blogs, they tend to turn into a page of debate and

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